4 Seasons

4 Seasons

Exhibition : 
Friday, March 22nd, 2024 to Saturday, May 25th, 2024
Opening Night : 
Thursday, March 21st, 2024

Mazel Galerie is bringing together 4 artists for this new group show, entitled "4 Seasons", including Maxence Doré, Pantonio and two new collaborations: the French duo Murmure and the American-Cuban artist Gabriela Noelle.

In a context where ecological issues are omnipresent, there are still too many obstacles to change for fast progress to be made, too many climate sceptics, too many good and bad economic reasons...

That's why we felt it was important to showcase 4 artists who share a strong commitment to ecology, and who often express this through their work.

Maxence Doré, who came from a background in street art before graduating from the École d'Architecture et du Paysage de Versailles, combines the technique of analytical drawing with the practice of graffiti. He approaches his paintings in the manner of topographical and geological maps.
The compositions evoke the mineral and the aquatic, the infinitely large and the microscopic, or whatever the viewer's imagination desires to see.
He invites us to look differently at landscapes that seem so familiar.

Murmure is a duo of committed artists who create large-scale murals as well as works on canvas and paper.
They first came to the spotlight several years ago with their 'Garbage Whale', a whale whose body is made entirely of rubbish bags and which swims in a sea of black plastic.
From their former career as graphic designers and advertisers, they have retained the power of the image to serve their artistic purpose and the causes they defend. 
Ecology features prominently in their work, with some rather unexpected interpretations.
To illustrate summer, they have chosen a UPS delivery truck on a red background, a red that evokes the huge fires of recent years in California and around the world.
Humour is also an integral part of their language, as the evocation of winter is translated into holidaymakers in summer clothes succumbing to the pleasures of the ocean on a drifting iceberg. 

Gabriela Noelle's work is resolutely joyful and optimistic. She often confides to creating works for future generations. 
Her work is multidisciplinary, ranging from design and painting to sculptures and objects.
For this exhibition, she will be creating four of her 'imaginary friends', each embodying a season.
She describes her characters as "aliens" made of fabric, wood and recycled plastic, who come to Earth to explain to children what the world was like before.

Finally, Pantonio is an artist from the island of the Azores in Portugal who grew up surrounded by the ocean.
The marine bestiary that inhabits his works reflects his passion for nature and his desire to describe our world through them.
For Pantonio, the world today is in a state of general confusion, made up of revolutions and exoduses.
"There's a kind of Yin and Yang, a balance between opposing energies, when I choose to have such different animals coexist on some of my walls; animals are a good image of the violence of society," confides the artist.
He is trying to represent this fragile balance that we must all try to achieve so that it is not too late.



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